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If you’re looking for landscaping and garden products in Brisbane, start by talking to Western Landscape Supplies. We provide a full range of high-quality garden soils, sands, mulches, garden blocks and decorative gravels. Whether you’re doing some weekend DIY or building a multi-block development, Western Landscape Supplies has what you need.

We will happily deal directly with you, no matter how big or small your project. From one scoop to a whole truck load, we do it all!

Garden Landscape Supplies –Our Product Range

Western Landscape Supplies is your one-stop shop for landscaping supplies and garden supplies in Brisbane. Our product range covers any type of landscape and gardening work and we pride ourselves on quality landscaping supplies.

Our product range includes:

  • Barks & Mulches: This large range includes native tea tree mulch, high-quality mushroom mulch, red cypress, and the ever-reliable plantation pine mulch.
  • Garden Blocks: This is a versatile, practical selection of garden blocks for all your landscaping needs.
  • Decorative Gravels: This range gives you a great selection of quality gravels with modern colour and surface texture choices.
  • Sands: We have all the essential landscaping sands, including playground sand, brickies sand and beach and river sands.
  • Garden Soils: Our garden soils are top of the line garden supplies made to deliver excellent performance. Our soils include under turf trade soil, compost soils for improved soil fertility, and much more.
  • Compacted material: These must-have garden landscape supplies include under-slab choices and tough, reliable road base materials.
  • Drainage gravels: Explore our top of the line drainage gravels, with options ranging from 5mm to 20mm gauges.
  • Pavers: We stock decorative clay pavers, the latest urban pavers, and much more. Take your pick and choose the best style and presentation choices.

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For more information and for any help you need, call your nearest Western Landscape Supplies outlet in Ormeau or Acacia Ridge. We can help you with quality landscaping supplies, material selection, and friendly expert advice. Call or visit us at any time for assistance.

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